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Hard Sex In Pussy For Mature Woman With Big Tits Big Cock

SaturdayOn Saturday morning as we all ate breakfast together in the kitchen – Melanie stark naked, as she frequently was at the cottage, Sue in just a tee shirt and the guys in shorts – the two wives compared notes about their sexual activities the night before. It never ceased to amaze me how frank their discussions were; they would discuss every intimate detail as if they were just talking about the weather!Mel opened with, “You obviously had a good time judging by all the noise you were making.”“Oh, yes, you're hubby really got me off. He ate my pussy like it was candy then fucked my brains out!” Sue told her. “I couldn't stop coming!”Melanie glanced at me with a smile.“Good job,” she said, making me grin back at her. “Well, your lovely husband did me three times! He doggied me the first time, but he shot off before I achieved orgasm. Then, after I blew on his embers, so to speak, he tried to get up my ass, the Ass Bandit, but I told him no, I wanted a proper fuck to get me off, so then he begged and we compromised on a half-and-half, pussy and ass alternating.”“The Layer Cake,” Sue amplified.“All my own work,” she bragged. “I even trained him for you!”“Be that as it may, Little Miss Bighead,” Mel carried on, “That really got me off. I came so hard I felt faint!”“Ooee, good for you,” Sue enthused breathlessly.“So then I gave him a long break to let him recover; he thought he was getting to sleep, but he was wrong. I blew him back to life then let him fuck my face for a while, just to get his motor running, before I jumped on his cock and rode him reverse cowgirl until he begged for mercy, but I didn't give him any and I got a lovely multiple orgasm that nearly killed the poor guy!” Mel boasted.“Oh, my boy is a lot harder to kill than that. Trust me, I have tried to fuck him to death, too!”“She says it's not murder if I die happy,” Jake interjected with a smile and we all laughed.I must admit that my wife's description had given me a painfully hard erection!“Er, girls,” I interrupted their dialogue, “Does anybody feel like helping me out with this?” pointing at my bulging shorts.“Sure,” Sue offered, standing up. “She got me hot, too!”She then pulled her tee shirt up over her hips and bent face down on the tabletop, spreading her lovely legs wide and saying, “Layer Cake me, Nicky.”So I did, right there at the kitchen table, with her husband and my wife providing ribald commentary as I alternately pounded her pussy and ass until we both came together in a very satisfying climax.When we were done Jake, now also obviously horny, asked “How about it, Mel?”“Uh-uh, not a morning person, remember?” she answered. “But I will let you fuck my face just for relief,” she added generously.Jake was out of his shorts in no time flat! Mel turned in her seat to face him; he stood in front of her and slipped his rigid cock into her mouth. Mel gave him a couple of jerks with her left hand then placed both hands on his thighs as she slid her lips down to his pubic hair, swallowing his entire length then retracting slowly as Jake got set up then thrust his cock deep into her mouth as she dived down again. They quickly got a steady rhythm going, Mel's head bobbing in and out in time with Jake's pelvis thrusting and withdrawing. Sue and I sat back and enjoyed the show.After Jake and Mel had been going at it for about ten minutes Sue happened to look down at my groin. I had never put my shorts back on and she saw another erection growing down there.“My, you are horny this morning, aren't you?” she observed. “Well, let's not waste it!”So saying she leaned forward and sucked briefly on my cock to obtain maximum rigidity then stepped over my lap with her back to me and impaled herself on my cock, sliding down it until she was sat in my lap.She then used her legs to push herself up and down on my cock, occasionally dropping her hand between her legs to rub my balls as she rode. I took her tits in my hands and massaged her nipples as I let her do all the work. What a ride! What a woman!We were both watching Jake fuck Melanie's face while we were screwing and at about our ten minute mark saw her husband come down my wife's throat. Mel gulped away until he was done then turned to Sue and said, “God, woman, you are insatiable!”Sue grinned back at her and retorted, “Yes, I am! Want some when Nicky is done?” licking her lips.“You're unbelievable, kitten,” she laughed at her friend before taking off for a shower. Jake took off after her, to share it with her.Sue continued to ride me energetically until we both climaxed together again, causing me to comment, “You know, my timing with you is getting nearly as good as it is with Mel.”“I know it is, lover,” she purred. “Practise makes perfect. Now come on, we will take a shower in the other bathroom.”We did, with lots of mutual soaping.What a great start to the day this had been!The afternoon and evening were relaxed, with a barbecue and beer for dinner and a movie in the evening. The fun began again at bedtime.“I am up for four in a bed tonight,” Sue said eagerly. “How about you, Mel?”“Sounds good,” Mel replied, standing, ready to head for the master bedroom, which had the biggest bed.“What about me?” Jake asked. “Do I get a vote?”“Sure,” his wife scoffed, “Like you're gonna say no!”“I might be too tired,” Jake replied.“Okay, Mel, Jake's out. Three in a bed,” Sue told Melanie, calling Jake's bluff.“No, no, no, no, no!” Jake blurted. “I was just kidding, Suze.”“What do you think, Mel?” Sue enquired.“Yeah, let him back in, another dick is always nice,” Mel said with ironic coarseness.“I suppose,” Sue conceded. “Mind you, he better keep up. He is tired, remember.”The two girls walked off to the bedroom laughing at Jake's sorry face.“I said maybe,” he called after them, causing renewed merriment.“Bring beer, tired boy,” his wife called back to him. “It's going to be a long night!”I grinned at my best friend. “You never learn, do you, buddy?” I asked him. “They nail you every time.”“Yeah, but at least I get to nail them back in a much more pleasant way,” he replied, leering and waggling his eyebrows.I laughed.“See you in there then, tired boy,” I jibed as I headed for the bedroom. “Don't forget the beer or they will cut you off and I will get all the good stuff!”The crack must have scored because when Jake joined us in the bedroom he was carrying a picnic cooler full of iced beer.“I didn't want us to run out,” was his explanation.“Hmm, what to do?” Sue mused.“ 'Fuck them till they can't walk' I think were your exact words,” Mel reminded her with a grin.“Yes, but how shall we do it? Let me think. I want something original,” Sue said thoughtfully.“Nothing violent, contortionist or disgusting,” Mel teased her.“Blah, blah, blah,” Sue responded.“Articulate as well as beautiful, smart and sexy,” Mel twitted her some more.“That's it, your clothes are coming off for a start, Melanie Ann,” Sue announced pouncing on her friend and rolling around the bed with her giggling as she wrestled Mel's tee shirt off. Mel was not wearing a bra.Melanie flipped Sue over on to her face, pinned her down with a knee between her shoulders as she pulled her shorts down and off, revealing that Sue was not wearing panties. Both girls were panting and giggling as they wrestled. Jake and I had jumped off the bed and were standing back to enjoy the show.Mel swatted Sue's bare ass and quickly rolled away before she could retaliate, which allowed Sue to get up on her knees and grab Mel in a head lock, forcing her face down into a pillow then sitting astride her shoulders as she reached behind and hauled Melanie's shorts down past her knees. Mel was wearing a thong; seeing this, Sue grabbed it and pulled. It snapped apart in her hand, so she was able to pull it right through and out then toss it to the floor, leaving Mel bare-assed but with her shorts hobbling her. Realizing that she had the advantage, Sue went for Mel's tee shirt, forcing it up her body. Thinkin
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g quickly, Mel appeared to cooperate, pulling her arms down through the sleeves to allow Sue to get it off; this removed the constriction from her arms, allowing her to reach behind her, grab the back of Sue's tee-shirt and yank her backwards. Sue fell off and Melanie whipped round to pounce on her but found herself hampered by her shorts tangling around her ankles. She quickly sat up, tore them off and tossed them aside then pounced astride Sue's stomach, holding her down by the arms.“Whatcha gonna do now, hot stuff?” Sue teased her. “You can't get my shirt off while you are holding my wrists. And, by the way, I won, 'cause you're naked.”Mel laughed, bent forward and kissed her friend hard on the mouth with lots of tongue.“Yes, you did,” she said when the kiss was over. “Yes, I am. And this is what I am going to do.”She suddenly dropped Sue's wrists, spun a one-eighty on her knees, stepping over Sue's face in the process and grabbing her wrists again. She then spread her knees wide, lowering her pussy to her friends face, pinned Sue's biceps with her knees, relinquishing her hold on her wrists, and ordered, “Open your legs.”Sue happily obliged knowing what was coming. Mel bent her head down between her friend's legs, taking her own weight on her forearms and began eating her pussy.“Can't move now, can you, kitten,” she teased, pausing briefly in her licking to do so.“Why would I want to?” Sue answered as she went up face first into Mel's pussy and began using her tongue to good effect.“Get the camera, we want pictures of this,” I told Jake. He returned in seconds and began snapping photos of the girl on girl action.I crawled on to the bed next to the girls, took my wife's left breast in my right hand and Sue's left breast in my left hand and began teasing both ladies' nipples.After a couple of minutes Jake ditched the camera, manoeuvred himself behind Melanie and slid his dick up her ass.Mel removed her tongue from Sue's pussy long enough to say ironically, “I suppose I should have expected that,” then went right back to her meal.Sue then paused long enough in her ministrations to tell Mel, “Great view where I am, though, Mel. I can watch Jake boinking your ass in close-up while I eat your pussy.” That caused Mel's spluttered laugh to blow bubbles in Sue's pussy!Five minutes later Sue said, “Sit back now, Mel, please.”Melanie did as asked, sitting upright, which lowered her pussy closer to Sue's face, and Sue followed up with, “I can see your massive erection from down here, too, Nick. I'd like it in me please.”I scooted round to get between her legs, she hooked them over my hips and I entered her, finding her already hot and wet thanks to Mel. I started porking her slowly, watching her munching on Mel's pussy and Jake riding Melanie's ass as I did so.We were all connected again and that good sexual electricity was sparking through all of us with an almost audible hum.I gradually increased the speed of my attack on Sue's pussy, Mel widened her stance, lowering her pussy and pushing Sue's face deeper into it and Jake drove ever harder into Melanie's back passage. Surprisingly, Mel came first, having a small orgasm that Sue lapped up as it trickled down over her face. Jake was next, holding Mel tightly by the tits as he pressure washed her ass. Sue came shortly after and her orgasm triggered my explosion.We all dismounted and relaxed about the enormous bed, panting.“Original enough for you, twink?” Melanie asked Sue between gasps.“Yes, spontaneous too,” Sue answered. “Jake, be a dear and grab me one of those cold beers, will you please?” she added.Jake asked, “Everybody?” and Mel and I nodded, so he pulled four beers from the cooler and passed them around.As we started the second beer Melanie suggested, “I want to play serial musical kebabs next.”“What the hell is that?” I asked, seeing the same question reflected in Jake and Sue's faces.“Work it out,” my lawyer wife challenged.“Let's see,” I mused. “We know that 'kebab' is your term for one cock in your mouth and another in your pussy. 'Serial' means what it always means – you want more than one done in sequence. But 'musical'?” I snapped my fingers. “Musical chairs! We put some music on, when the track finishes we switch ladies. And we keep doing that until the music stops or we all run out of gas. Right?”“Right,” confirmed Melanie, “Except for the very last part. The music won't finish because we will put so much on that it can't; we just keep going until we run out of gas or everybody orgasms, which really amounts to the same thing.”“Sounds like fun, I'm in,” Sue voted. Jake and I nodded, so we all drank up to finish our beers and got down to it.I brought up the media player on the laptop hooked into the sound system by Bluetooth, selected a bunch of rock albums, set it on 'Shuffle' and hit 'Play'.Mel was up first. While we waited for the start of the next track she clarified, “When the track ends and you move to Sue you have to change ends, same again when you come back to me and so on.”Jake and I both told her we got it and she moved on to her hands and knees. As the fresh track began I slipped my cock into her mouth and Jake loaded his into her pussy. We both started banging her hard because we knew we would only have a few minutes. Mel sucked hard as I fucked her face and she ground her ass back into Jake as he pounded her pussy. We were just getting into our stride when the track finished. Sue was already on her knees next to Mel, so I moved quickly round behind her, Jake got over in front of her face, she swallowed his cock as I rammed home in her pussy and we both went to town on her, Jake stuffing his wife's face and me stuffing her pussy.Mel re-positioned herself so that when the track finished all Jake had to do was pull his cock from Sue's face, turn ninety degrees to his left and slide it into Mel's waiting pussy while I scrambled over to her head. Sue had seen Melanie's manoeuvre and set herself up the same way for me when it was her turn.Jake and I rode the two ladies hard like this for about twelve album tracks before I finally unloaded in Sue's pussy. Neither of the ladies had come yet and they were determined to keep it going so Mel, seeing what had happened called, “Get over here in my mouth right now, Nick. Jake, get in her pussy!”We both obeyed and Melanie sucked my dick hard throughout the next track while Jake banged his wife. When the track ended she directed me to Sue's mouth and Jake to her own pussy to give me some recuperation time. At the end of that track Sue's magic mouth had done its work and I was ready to go again, so I moved to Melanie's mouth and Jake carried on pounding her pussy, resuming the proper sequence.Next track, while I am doing Sue's pussy and Jake is doing her face, she orgasms like a tropical thunderstorm, quivering from head to toe as she floods just when the song finishes. As soon as Jake pulled out of her mouth she called across to Melanie, “I am done. You just keep them rolling yourself now, Mel!”Melanie took her at her word, riding both cocks like a hungry bear. Jake and I changed ends on her after every track and just kept pounding away until finally Jake came in her mouth. He had been holding it so long that he went off like a water cannon, but Melanie just drank it all down and kept right on sucking. When the track ended she held us both in place so that she could continue reviving Jake's fading dick. In the end it did not matter; she suddenly moaned loudly around Jake's cock and slammed her ass back into me as she shuddered and orgasmed mightily. Her hot juices triggered my second ejaculation of the game, Mel opened her mouth to let Jake's dick fall and we all collapsed on to the bed with Sue.“We will have to remember that one for future use, Suze,” Mel gasped. “That was fun!”Sue agreed, then we all crawled beneath the sheets, boy, girl, boy, girl, and snuggled down together for the night. I was fortunate enough to be between the two women, so I went to sleep with my wife's ass spooned into my front and Sue's breasts resting against my back. Heaven! 

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