Sex on the ATV with a young whore

Sex on the ATV with a young whore

Becky woke up refreshed but still confused. She sat up on her bed and switched the TV off. She got up and went into the balcony. “I can’t go on like this,” wondered Becky, “How long am I going to lock myself here and avoid the two most awesome guys in the world.” She had taken a long break from her job and come here for a long vacation. She was grateful to her boss for being so understanding and letting her take the six month break. She had chosen this place as it was one of those places which didn’t remind her of her failed relationship. She had come here to be away from all the places that reminded her of him and the memories that only hurt her. She had been determined to let bygones be bygones and go full speed ahead with her life. And again she caught herself fantasizing about fucking Garrett and Jack. “Is this what I want,” Becky thought, “what if it ends badly!” “What is the worst that could happen?” her mind seemed to question back. “What if I am just putting myself up for another hurting,” she answered back. “Well at least this time you know what you are getting yourself into lady,” was the answer. “Hmmmmm….. And who knows, something nice may come out of this,” she wondered. And Becky smiled. She had made a decision, a decision which made her feel light and happy. She was going to plunge into the pool and learn to swim. She was going to go ahead and maintain a relation with both the men, even if it was just for sex. Just as she seemed to have made a decision, there was a soft knock on the door. She went over to open it and her jaws dropped in surprise. She couldn’t believe her eyes and her luck. There they were, the two Greek gods, smiling widely at her. ************** Jack, though only wanted to fuck her again, had begun to worry when he did not see Becky for breakfast the day after their encounter. He didn’t see her even at lunch. It worried him sick. “Why do I worry so much for her?” thought Jack, “Why do I care what happens to her.” “She could bloody well be fucking some other guy.” But then he seemed to wonder. In that brief period he had spent with her in a lustful experience, he had felt a connection. He had felt as if he knew her. And he knew it deep in his heart that she would not be fucking anyone else. He couldn’t help but wonder about her. :”She doesn’t come across as a slut. What’s on her mind?” Jack found Becky very curious. A thing he would love to spend some time with and get to know better. ************** Garrett had no different thoughts. It had worried him too, when he didn’t see Becky for breakfast. He wondered what had happened to her. Had she left? Had they frightened her? Was she overwhelmed by the level of ecstasy and connection that they had felt for each other? Had they really scared her by their obvious attraction? Had they come out too strong? “But I thought she had enjoyed it,” he wondered. As Garrett went in for lunch, he began looking for Becky. He needed her. And not just for the awesome sex he knew he will get but he needed her company. Not seeing her, he went to take his seat by the window. He ordered his usual, stakes and finger chips. As he ate, he wondered about Becky. Just thinking of her was making him go hard. He tried to finish as quickly as he could. He was worrying about Becky. He just needed to find out. One way or the other, he had to find out. His legs began to take him in the direction of Becky’s room. He was joined by Jack on his way to the same destination. And when they came to the door, both of them couldn’t help but smile at the thought of seeing her again. And they knocked softly, wondering. The door opened and there she was. Surprise was written all over her face. She seems to not believe her eyes. “May we come in,” asked Jack softly. “Yes,” was all Becky could reply with. “She seems to want us,” thought Jack. “She seems happy to see us,” wondered Garrett. ************** And Becky was happy, as she followed them into the room. The room door clicked close softly. Becky couldn’t believe her luck. She had just decided to throw all caution to air and plunge into a relationship with these guys and here they were. “Aren’t you hungry, my dear,” asked Garrett as he and Jack entered the room and stood next to the bed. “Hmmmmmmm….. I wasn’t till now,” was the answer. Becky walked up to Garrett and placed a soft kiss on his lips. He tasted so sweet. Her body fell into Garrett’s as she kissed him again and again. She could feel the bulge on her stomach. Oh she needed them so much. ************** Jack was completely aroused by her obvious need to fuck them. He came from behind and opened the knot which held the robe over her body. He slowly removed the robe and let it fall on the floor. He gave Becky’s shoulder a kiss and quickly began to undress. Becky began to kiss Garrett’s lips more and more passionately. Garrett returned Becky’s passion with his own. He kissed her deep as his hands went along the side of body to her boobs. She slowly began to massage them, going in rhythm of their slow soft kisses. As she went deeper into the passion of kissing Garrett, she felt Jack’s hand on her waist. He kissed her on her neck, shoulders and earlobes as his hands slid across her hands to her warm cunt. Oh it was so wet and warm already. Jack knew what effect they had on the girl. “Mmmmmmmm……..” Becky moaned at Jack’s touch. She loved the way Jack and Garrett were pampering her body with their kisses and soft touch. She loved the way Garrett massaged her boobs and Jack her clit. They were hers and hers to fuck. She needed them. Jack held her at her waist and slowly turned her around to face him. He planted a kiss on her lips. They kept kissing for what felt like eternity. All this while, Jack’s hands massaged her boobs. Garrett, meanwhile undressed and came up behind Becky. He held a bunch of her hair and gave her a little push as an encouragement to kiss Jack deeper. While holding her hair with one hand, he slid his hand over to her ass and gave her ass check a squeeze. He then began to massage her clit from behind. Garrett could feel her going wet. He persistently kept rubbing her clit. “Mmmmmmmmm…. Oh yes baby! I love you both!” moaned Becky, in-between kissing Jack. “You both are my life,” she moaned. Garrett smiled as his fingers, wet from the juices of Becky’s cunt, travelled to her asshole. He played at the opening and slowly thrusting two fingers into the asshole. Becky moaned in pain. But as Garrett began to move his fingers in and out, Becky relaxed, getting used to the fingers and finally actually enjoying it. Jack kissed Becky as if there was no tomorrow. His hands massaged her boobs. Becky’s hand went into Jack’s hair while the other went down to guide the rock hard shaft on her wet cunt. She needed him to fuck her. She needed him so bad, that it hurt. Jack took his hint and placed the head of his rod on the wet warm opening. He pushed it in a little and let it be there, teasing Becky. “OH Fuck Jack! What are you waiting for,” screamed Becky. “Come on! Fuck Me, Fuck Me hard,” pleaded Becky. “Oh Fuck, Oh Baby, you are so hot inside,” he grunted as he slid his big hard tool entered Becky’s wet pussy. “You set me on fire baby!” moaned Becky. Jack pushed it in slowly. He grunted as the cunt squeezed around his dick. He thrusted it fully in and kept it there for a few seconds. He looked deep into Becky’s eyes. He could see some kind of extreme need to make love. She was obsessed with the drive to fuck them. The urge seemed to be burning inside her."Fuck me Jack, fuck me hard, give it to me baby!" moaned Becky. He was on fire with such a sexual desire he needed Becky as much as she needed him. He thrust in and out slowly, kissing her deeply. ************** Garrett’s dick was rock hard. Garrett slowly placed the head of his dick on the ass hole. He gave it a little push. His hand slid down to her soft waist and held it there. The other hand slid up front to her mound and gave it a soft squeeze. “Oh Yes!” Becky moaned softly. Garrett kept the pressure up till he began to slide in, stretching the muscles around his cock. It caused Becky pain. She broke away from the kiss and leaned her head backward. Oh shit! Oh baby, go slow, please!” pleaded Becky as she leaned her head backward into Garre
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tt’s shoulders, eyes squeezed shut from the pain. Jack went over her body, still fucking her pussy, pressing himself over her and kissing her lips. Garrett went in deeper and deeper till he reached his limit. He then began thrusting in and out slowly. Jack and Garrett matched their thrusts into Becky’s body as she stood sandwiched between the two. Being rubbed by their skins made her go mad with ecstasy. As the cocks got lubricated, both picked up speed as their need took control over their actions. “Ah yes! You are so wonderful,” cried Becky in pleasure. “Oh Becky, Yes beautiful, you belong to us,” whispered Jack, “Ours to fuck.” “Oh yes baby! You feel so fucking good inside me,” moaned Becky.Over and over again they thrust themselves so hard, so deep into Becky’s wanting, begging pussy and ass, bringing her closer to the edge. Becky wrapped her legs around Jack’s waist, pulling him deeper. Her head still bent backward onto Garrett’s shoulders, Jack went over to kiss her lips again, pressing over her as her mounds pressed into his chest. He held her by the ass’ checks and pushed her into him. Garrett’s hand slid over her warm skin all over the side and to the stomach before he went to tease the clit. The other hand stayed on the hip, using it to support his thrusts. “Oh Garrett! Oh baby! Oh yes, rub it, fuck me, yes… yes …. Oh yes…..Fuck me,” moaned Becky as her body was ravaged by an orgasm. Her body pressed between the two blended into their skin as she felt the current wash over her. Rampaging through the cum shower, Jack fucked her deep into the pussy as Garrett kept fucking her ass and playing with clit. Their bodies were wet with the effort of their fucking. "Oh, fuck... you feel so good," Jack moaned, in a voice thick with desire. ************** Becky caressed Jack’s chest, stomach, arms and thighs while savoring the feeling of her fervent pussy wrapped around him. She felt his hands move up her arms, and she leaned backward into Garrett enough to allow him to reach her breasts. He took hold of them, and she sighed deeply. "Oh, Becky," he said, his voice deep and lusty. She began moving on him now, slowly working her hips in small circles, her fingers stroking his nipples while he fondled her tits. She felt him give her nipples a firm tug, and then he released them to pull her toward him. Bending his head to her face, he reached his mouth to her."Ahhhh..." she moaned blissfully as his cock rubbed against her magic spot. She took his head in her hands then guided his lips first to one breast then the other. She held him tightly and kissed his forehead as he greedily sucked on each hard mound. She wondered how she could possibly endure such joy, and then her lust for him overtook her. Her palms on his chest, she quickened the pace of her movements. She had this urgent need to feel the friction of his heavy shaft rubbing against the walls of her slippery cunt. His hands held her hips as she eagerly rocked forward... and back... and forward again. Faster and faster she rode him, the force of her momentum causing her breast to move in opposite directions as she pumped him. Each movement of her hips coincided with the thrusts in her pussy and the ass. The speed of the thrusts was not what she had experienced till now. Soon there began a tingling sensation in her toe, not through lack of circulation but sexual enjoyment, the sensation soon spread up her ankles to her calves, and she knew she was on the verge of a powerful climax. Suddenly she felt his hands gripping her hips as if to constrain her movements."Stop," demanded Jack. "Slow down a minute; Oh God! I'm so close." Becky complied, reluctant to let her budding orgasm fizzle, but didn’t want this to end either. The longer this wild encounter lasted, the better it was for her. She felt his hands over her thighs, hips and abdomen then she let out a loud gasp as an enterprising thumb found her hard, exposed little clit and lightly teased it. Garrett came forward teasing her clit with his thumb and massage it while she got a good fuck in the holes. Jack began to slowly slide himself in and out of her... in then then out... exciting her with his leisurely, youthful thrusts. With each thrust she could feel the texture of his cock, its ribs and its veins as it slid in and out, in and then out again; her throbbing, aching cunt screamed out in agony for more. "Oh, more, more" panted Becky, as she tightened her legs forcing him yet deeper inside of her. They succumbed to her need, gradually increasing the strength and speed of his movement. As if with a will of its own, her body responded automatically, her hips reached up to meet Jack’s thrust for thrust as his cock was devoured over and over again by her adoring pussy. Becky panted and moaned with abandon, shamelessly expressing her passion as she climbed toward her release. Back and forth his hack shaft rubbed inside her, driving her into a frenzied state of hunger. They relentlessly but rhythmically slammed themselves into her. As their heat built up, their bodies perspired freely making it harder and harder to control their motions. She begged him not to stop nor change the pace as she felt herself falling into glorious ecstasy. She was consumed with the sensations inside of her and the incredibly erotic sound of his voice encouraging her to cum for him. Her climax rose and fell in waves, a lengthy, drawn-out explosion in slow motion, and she moaned a long cry of blissful release then collapsed trembling into Garrett, giving in to the post-orgasmic spasms that wracked her body like delicious little earthquakes.She felt Jack and Garrett slow their movements and she was grateful for the chance to recover. She caressed them with her hands and legs. Again as her breathing and her muscles began to relax, she remained extremely aroused but completely sated as well."Are you OK," Jack asked her."Oh, you have no idea what you two are doing to me," she answered with a sigh. They began to move in and out of her again. She met their thrusts with her own as her eager body swallowed them hungrily. They pounded their rock-hard member into her with a rhythmic if not hypnotic pace, each forceful plunge kept her groaning in ecstasy. Banging back against them with thrusts equaling theirs, she felt herself entering that peculiar state of simultaneously falling and soaring. She embraced this quiet orgasm as it spread throughout her, in every bit way different from the first remarkable explosion but just as satisfying. And as she moaned in her release, she noticed a change in the pace of her lovers. Their thrusts had become slower, more deliberate, and she felt as if their already engorged cocks were, impossible as it could be, even larger and more rigid. They began moaning quietly and she urged them to cum for her. “Oh yes baby! I am gonna cum!” moaned Jack. “Give it inside me baby!” whispered Becky, “I want you inside me.” His first was a powerful burst which sent her completely over the top then he came in rhythmic spurts accompanied with a deep throated groan. He thrusted her cunt, and kept thrusting till he gave her every drop. He pulled out only when every drop had entered her womb. Garrett quickly took out his cock, turned Becky around and kissed her fully on her lips. He lifted her legs so as to wrap them around his waist. His cock lay on the entrance to a well fucked cunt. “Oh, Garrett! Fuck me! Please fuck me!” moaned Becky. With one massive thrust, he entered her pussy fully. He came in and out, feeling his own body tingling with excitement. The fat shaft opened and stretched her like no other had before. “Oh my darling, I want to cum inside you baby!” he pleaded. “Do it! NOW!” screamed Becky. He increased his pace and thrust her with all his might. “Oh Yes. Take it all, my fuck buddy!” he moaned. As he began to squirt his load, he buried his cock deep in the dripping cunt. He gave her all that he had. And then he pulled out. Nothing had been as satisfying as this. With a smile on his face he joined Jack on the couch. Becky fell on the bed, her cunt as sore as it had felt yesterday. What was she thinking trying to fuck two guys at once? And loving them as much as she did? But when she thought of their cocks and the warm cum deep inside her body, it only brought a smile on her face. After a long time she had enjoyed having sex.

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