Put Your Whole Hand In Her Pussy So Long And In Her Pussy

Put Your Whole Hand In Her Pussy So Long And In Her Pussy

“Hi.” My heart beat a little faster. I recognized her voice immediately. “Hi Babe, how are you?” “Great. I’m at your apartment, sitting on the sofa, wondering when you’re coming home. I’m naked.” Amie. The center of my thoughts and dreams the past three months, and more than a few erotic ones. Ridiculous of me to act this way, I’m nineteen years older. Middle-aged. She’s in her early twenties, but what a babe! Glorious red hair, I have such a weakness there. Wonderful long legs, that I have fantasized about in stockings. Small breasts, but I have always had a longing for small, sensitive ones. Eyes that light my fire. Oh, and wonderfully sensual lips, great for kissing. That’s all we’d done so far. Long, passionate sessions. Sure, a little groping, too. But, I’ve never seen her naked, and now she was plainly offering herself to me! I gave her a key awhile back because she had to move into a much smaller place and needed space to store a few things. What better way to keep her around than to offer my extra bedroom as storage? And there she was, on my sofa, in the nude, calling to tell me. The next move was clearly up to me. “I’ll be there in five minutes!” I hung up the phone and called for my secretary. “Tammy, it’s four o'clock and I think I’m going to take off an hour early. You have my cell, but don’t call unless it’s urgent.” Out the door, into the elevator. Careful to hold my briefcase in front, because of the fearful amount of tenting going on. Practically running to my car then racing down the various ramps and out into the street. I am so glad I rented a place just four blocks away! Picturing Amie’s taut flesh underneath me as I drove did little to ease my erection. I pulled into my parking spot and hurried to the door of the building. Second door on the left. Key in the lock. Opening. There she was, just as she said. Stretched out on the sofa and naked as the day she was born. Even more naked than I expected, because she had shaved her pussy! I had asked once, and she reacted as though shaving was just plain weird, so I dropped it. Wait! I realized she wasn’t entirely naked. She was wearing black thigh-hi stockings! I got even harder. Amie stood up and walked across the room. Her arms around me and her head on my shoulder. “I wasn’t sure you would come.” Was she kidding? Actually, I realized immediately, it took a lot of courage to be so brazen. It must have been uncomfortable for her. She obviously felt the same passion as I, and I was grateful she had summoned the courage to make this happen. I moved her so I could see her face and kissed her tenderly. Quickly that became more intense. Deeper. Tongues dancing, reaching, touching. “One of us is overdressed, and I’ve been imagining you naked, your skin on mine,” she whispered. Her smile was mischievous, but as her hands went to work on buttons, buckle and zipper, there was an urgency driving her. This girl was clearly hot for me. It just made me even harder. Almost painfully so. I struggled to help, but hands and feet caught for a few seconds as we both pulled and then started laughing as we fought to free me. Finally I was as bare as she and we hugged tight, my cock trapped between us. Kissing, almost devouring each other. My hands roaming over her back, down to her ass. Smooth and soft. I grabbed that delicious curving flesh. She moaned, then one of her hands reached down between us and held my cock. My turn, to moan. She pulled away and dropped to her knees. “I’ve never done this before,” she said. “Any of this. I’ve never sucked a cock, never wanted to, until now. Never even seen one.” She had told me last week she was a virgin, and I told her she could stay a virgin as long as she wanted. I would not pressure her. “I’ve been waiting for the right man to give this to. I’ve known for a month it was going to be you.” She licked my cock, something like an exclamation point on her last sentence. “Will you take my virginity?” Another lick. Eyes glued on me. “Oh Amie,” I groaned, “I love you. Of course.” Her mouth swallowed my cock. I gasped for air and almost lost my balance. “Are you sure you’ve never done this?” “I think I would know! I went to see my cousin last week and had her tell me exactly how to do it. She peeled a banana and had me practice, making sure my teeth didn’t dig into it. Am I doing okay so far?” “Sweetie, you are doing way more than okay!” Another plunge down the length of my shaft. Another gasp. She grabbed my ass for leverage and began to piston me in and out of her mouth. Then short strokes and licks at the head and crown. Suddenly deep, as deep as she could. My head was spinning. My late wife hated blow jobs, and was terrible at it. But Amie was clearly enthusiastic and enjoying the experience. Slurping, licking, sucking, teasing. I was starting to lose my balance. I knew I was going to cum. No turning back. “Sweetheart, I’m cumming!” Her only response was to suck me deep, then again, again. With a muffled roar I exploded deep in her mouth. She held my ass with both hands, my cock buried in her throat, still shooting, throbbing. She held that position, eyes closed, until my cock spasms stopped, then stood, and kissed me deep. “Steve, I loved doing that for you,” she said. “I’ve laid awake in my bed, dreaming of having your cock in my mouth and swallowing your cum. It was even better than I hoped. More arousing for me than I thought.” “Sweetie, that was by far the most intense blow job I have ever experienced. I felt like I shot a gallon in your mouth!” “Well, it might not have been a gallon, but I was surprised at how much there was. My cousin said I might not like the taste, but I thought it was good. Arousal helps, though, huh?” There was a wonderful twinkle in her eye as she said that. “Amie, let’s go in the bedroom. This needs to be a wonderful experience for you.” With that, we walked down the hall, hand-in-hand, my cock still hard and leading the way. I laid her on the bed and got beside her on my side. “Amie, I’m going to take my time. I want you to be so thoroughly aroused that penetration will be easier. Just trust me, but please let me know if you need me to slow down.” I leaned over her and we started kissing. Slowly at first. She was nervous, but desire smoldered in her eyes. Our kisses grew more passionate and I began playing with her breasts. My hand circled her nipple, only brushing it slightly. She shifted, forcing her nipple against my fingers. I pulled back, not willing to surrender the pace to her. She shifted again and moaned. Finally, I stroked her nipple. Again. Then I squeezed, and she gasped into our kiss. Squeezed harder. She lifted her chest, wanting more. I moved to her neck as she arched. I grasped her entire breast and caressed. “Ohhh, that feels wonderful,” she whispered. With that, I moved lower again and began to lick and kiss her breast. Not the nipple yet. She shifted, trying to place her nipple in my mouth. I teased, licked, kissed. Still no nipple. “Please suck on my nipple!” It was not so much a command as a moan with words. She needed my mouth there now. I took her nipple tenderly in my mouth. Softly, promising more. Moaning. Now firmer. More moaning. Then I sucked on it. She grabbed my head and rolled part way, moaning loudly, “Ohhh.” I moved to her other breast. I repeated the treatment, but got to the sucking sooner. She was almost thrashing, so I reached my hand down to her bare mons, but not all the way to her pussy yet. My fingers wandered the area, sometimes closer to her pussy, sometimes away, all the while sucking and licking a nipple. Her bare pussy amazed me. Back to the first breast and straight to the nipple. It was hard and red and wet. She pushed her breast up and into my mouth, wanting me to take her hard. My hand slid lower, cupping her, not yet touching her lips. She moaned again and rotated her pelvis, trying to find more contact, more pressure from my hand. I rubbed up and down, still refusing to touch more sensitive places. Her pelvis, almost frantic now, rubbed against my hand. Suddenly she froze. Her heels dug into the mattress as she lifted and arched in delicious agony. She hung there for several seconds. Only after a couple seconds did I notice her stifled scream. Slowly, she collapsed back to the bed. Round one was over, I thought. “Wow!” she wheezed. “I had no idea an orgasm could be that powerful. Now I understand why people talk about the earth moving!” “Well, Amie, we’ve only started, and before I am done, you will come even harder.” “I don’t know if I can take it,” she said, “but I’m willing to give it a go!” I didn’t answer. I just dipped a finge
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r into her dripping pussy lips. Her smile vanished and she tensed slightly, then a moan escaped her lips. “Oh that feels verrry nice.” Her head dropped back and her mouth opened as her eyes glassed over, lost in the feeling. I rubbed my finger slowly the length of her slit. Plenty of moisture, but I wanted to touch everything. When she started to rotate her pelvis again, I slid my finger slowly, deliciously, into her cunt. She inhaled deeply, then exhaled slowly. I pulled my finger out and pushed it in again, a little faster and deeper. Her chest raised up and she started to pant. I dragged my finger over her clit and she twisted, thrashing from the intensity of her pleasure. I removed my finger and moved up to kiss her. She thought I was ready for intercourse and tried to shift under me. I kissed, then started to moved down her body. I kissed her nipples again, sucking on each one for a few seconds. I kissed her belly, then her hips and thighs, down to the tops of her stockings. I made my way up her inner thigh, reveling in the smooth softness of her skin. Then, still skipping her pussy, I made my way back down the opposite thigh. Then slowly back up. When I reached her pussy, I lifted my head to look up. Her head was back, her hands were holding her breasts, her fingers squeezing her nipples. I dipped my head and licked her slit, then moved up and started to lightly caress her clit with my tongue. Her hands obviously had left her breasts, because they were now on my head, urging me on. I snuck another peek and her head was thrust back, her chest jutting out, breasts squeezed between her arms, her nipples pointing wantonly at the ceiling, waving as if they wanted in on the action. I reached an arm up her body and fastened a grip on a nipple, rolling it between my fingers, while I attacked her clit more forcefully. “Ohhhhh.” A long, drawn-out moan. Then I sucked on her clit, teasing it with my tongue as I held it between my lips. She started to thrash and then arched her back off the bed again. I held on as she cried out, a high-pitched wail, the cry and her body hanging in mid-air. Slowly she relaxed, collapsing back to the bed. “Unbelievable!” she gasped, panting for breath. She didn’t know what was coming, though, because I was moving up, positioning myself between her legs, reaching to kiss her as my cock sought her wet folds. As I kissed her, touching her tongue again, my cock rested at her entrance. I pushed ever so slightly, just to put the head inside those lips. She hesitated and I looked into her eyes. “This is your last chance to remain a virgin,” I said softly. “Tell me to stop and I will.” “Don’t stop. I want you so deep inside me. Please do it now.” I eased a little deeper, using one hand to support my weight and the other to caress a breast. Back out, then back in. A little deeper. Amie was panting again. Back and forth several times. Then I pushed a little deeper and found her barrier. Her back was arched again, breasts jutting up at me. I leaned down and sucked in a nipple. Her hands held my head in place. Her head tilted back. I pushed in and out a few times, each time thrusting against her hymen. “Please... please... take me!” I pushed in, tore through, and stopped. She cried out in pain. Tears in her eyes. I waited. Her chest heaved as she gasped for air. I eased out a little and slowly back in. Her hands moved to my hips, to stop their forward movement. I waited. Her hands just resting there at first, and then they gripped my ass and started to pull me in. I pushed in and out, then deeper. Her nails started to dent my buttocks, her legs splayed out obscenely wide and then she wrapped them around my back. Those long glorious legs, pulling me, urging me, frantically assisting as I thrust as deeply as I could. Her head went back and her chest pushed up again. She pulled. I pushed. I started to pound. Faster. “Yesss,” she hissed through almost clenched teeth. My hands were on either side of her head now, supporting my weight as I pushed up and pounded her pussy. I was getting close. After all, it had been awhile since that incredible blowjob in the front room. That thought flittered through my consciousness and was enough to push me closer. I could feel the cum was boiling up and ready to explode. “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” she panted with each thrust. She pulled hard. “Deeper! Harder!” I tried, but then she exploded under me, contorting in sweet agony as her orgasm reached deep and took control of every muscle. Watching her start was all I needed and I roared as I exploded inside her, spraying another load. I pushed and pushed. She arched, turning her head sideways into the pillow, gasping for each breath. I held my cock as deep inside her as I could as the peak came and then receded. Slowly I relaxed, lowering myself onto her. She turned her head and kissed me deeply and long, her arms around my back, holding me tightly. For minutes we kissed slowly and tenderly. I still wasn’t getting soft. I couldn’t believe that after ejaculating twice in an hour I felt hard as a rock. I rubbed my cock out and then in again. She tilted her head back a little and pulled on my back. I slowly thrust in and out, each time holding at the top, against her clit. She started to gasp again, and I pushed hard against her clit. As I held it, she held her breath and then cried out softly, reaching another peak. After a minute or two I pulled out and stretched out beside her. She rolled into the crook of my neck and I put my arm around her. “I had absolutely no idea anything could feel that intense,” she said. “You are amazing!” “What do you have to compare me against?” I asked. “None of my girlfriends ever talked about orgasms being intense like that. They said they felt great, but I’m betting they have never experienced what I just did.” “Sweetheart, the first time is special, and I’m glad your first was not with a clumsy boy in the back seat of a car.” “Steve, I don’t ever want to have a different cock in my pussy. If you aren’t the greatest lover in the world, I don’t want to know.” She froze, stared at me, and then buried her head on my chest. “What’s wrong?” I asked. Muffled sobs. Tears started to ooze out on my chest and run down to the sheets. More sobs. What had I done? I pulled her, trying to get her to raise her head. Finally she looked at me through tear-filled eyes. “I shouldn’t have said that?” Head back down and quiet sobs. “Amie, what you just said was sweet. More than sweet. It was the most wonderful thing I have ever heard. Listen to me for a minute.” Her head slowly came up. I wiped away tears. “I’ve lived alone now for three years since my wife died. It’s been hard. I’ve gone on lots of first dates, a few second dates, but almost no third dates. I have not made love to anyone since she got sick. I’m not casual about it. It’s not recreational for me. I have looked and have tried to be patient, hoping I would find someone I could love with all my heart, passionately. “The past three months I have only gone out with you. I’ve tried to tell myself I was just infatuated with the idea of a beautiful young girl being attracted to me. All along I expected you to tell me one day you had met some guy your age in a class, and that would be the end. I refused to let myself consider that you might actually love me as much as I loved you. “What we just shared was wonderful. I can hardly wait until a year from now when we have slowly learned even better how to make love to each other. I know, that doesn’t make sense to you, but it will. After a year of marriage, we will know each other so much better that we can take each other to wonderful heights of ecstasy. People who jump in and out of bed with others never learn that, but we will. I guess what I’m saying is, if you will have me as your husband, I would love to take you as my wife.” She stayed motionless, looking into my eyes. Silence. Then she just put her head back down on my chest and turned her head so she could look up at me. “I hardly dared dream that I would have a chance to marry you,” she started. "You were too far out of reach, more than I could have hoped for. At first I thought a lot about the years between us. Then I realized how much I loved you for the way you treated me, the kindness you showed me, the patience with me. I knew I could never hope to find anyone more wonderful than you. I have known for the last two weeks that I wanted to marry you, but I almost didn’t want to admit it to myself.” Silence. “Is that a ‘yes’?” I said, finally. “Oh, yes!” she almost shouted. “But... there’s just one thing.” “Anything.” “Can I suck your cock again before we do anything else?”

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