Super horny whore squirming in her ass

Super horny whore squirming in her ass

Marilynn Foster’s hand was under my evening dress. Somehow and very deftly, as we kissed she had lifted my dress and managed to get my knickers around my knees. Now, her hand was running between my legs like a saw, the side of her index finger running smoothly between my lips and her thumb playing havoc with my clitoris. Her tongue was pressing into my mouth and I wasn’t complaining. She worked her body so my thigh was pressing between her thighs and she rubbed herself on it as we kissed. One hand behind my neck, the other between my legs we stood, my back to a wall and suddenly, from nowhere, she came. I was on the way up but not by any means a star. Flick took me to the USA to meet a few ‘VIPS’ in the business she hoped would employ me. I’d spent a day glad-handing a few casting directors and was, quite frankly, sick of the whole business when Flick arrived back at our hotel. She called me and told me to meet her in the bar. She never seemed to get tired, a genuine force of nature.“Fucking hell, Millerton, have you been asleep? You look as though you just dragged yourself out of bed. Don’t tell me you\’ve pulled some innocent local.”“Nice to see you too. Do you have any idea how boring casting directors can be? Heads so far up their own arses.”“Boring they may be but they are the people who say to the people who matter that you are right for a part so kiss as many arses as you can while we’re here. And tonight…”“I’m sleeping.”“Tonight we have been invited to a party.”“I have no intention of going to a party.”“Well, you’re going to this one.” Flick may have been my agent and I, therefore, a client but she had no concept that she was employed or if she had refused to let it interfere with her drive to get me work. “Get your posh frock on and be ready to go by 9.”It was 7:30.“I need some sleep.”“No. You need some work now get ready and don’t let me down.” Before I could complain she stood up and marched off and I watched her shapely arse as she clicked her way to the elevators.I grabbed a beer from the bar and took it up to my room. Fuck it. I knew she was right but my feet were killing me after walking around town all bloody day in four-inch heels. I had a shower and tidied myself up, slipped on the black evening dress she’d told me to bring and put my poor stockinged feet into another pair of heels and was on parade in the lobby by the required time. Flick was, predictably late but she never apologises so I had to live with it. She looked bloody fantastic as always.“God,” I said, “I wish I had some of your juice.”“I think you ought to re-phrase that, Darling. Come on, the limo’s here.”“You hired a limo?”“No, it has been sent for us, so get your arse into it and get your brain in gear. Tonight, you need to be at your best.”“Where are we going?”“Dolly Stern is throwing a bash and we, thanks to me, are invited.”That shut me up. Dolly Stern was one of the most important producers in the business. She had a reputation for being tough but fair and for pulling together the best casts for her projects. She also had a rep for being as gay as a carousel.An hour later and I was standing in a mansion, holding a glass of bubbly surrounded by some well known faces and some less well and some un. I recognised Dolly though and was a bit surprised when she stopped beside me and Flick. She was wearing a long black coat dress that did nothing to hide her large figure.“Caterham! You made it. Wonderful to see you.”They ‘mwaaa’d’ and Flick said, “Dolly, this is the useless tart I mentioned to you. Meet Faye Millerton.”“Great to meet you, Faye.” She offered her hand and I shook it but she didn’t let it go. “Come with me Faye, I want to talk to you.” She led me by the hand and I looked back over my shoulder with questioning eyes to Flick who grinned and turned her back and got back to networking. Dolly led me into a side room and to a table with two chairs. I should say this was well before #MeToo.“Take a seat.” I sat. She poured two generous glasses of brandy and put one in front of me without asking if I wanted it. She sat facing me. “You haven’t worked in Hollywood have you?” I confirmed I had not. “Let me tell you something. Your Flick is one of the best and she’s said you are and I’ve seen some of your work, OK?” I nodded. “Now, Let’s speak hypothetically. I’m a producer. Let’s say I’ve invited you here to offer you apart. It’s a chance to work alongside a great star, let’s say, Pfeiffer, OK?” I realised the ‘Okay’s’ were punctuation not questions so I sipped my drink and kept listening. “Thing is though, I’m gay like you and I want to fuck you. So the deal is you either go back to your worst nightmare job. What was that, by the way?”“Children’s television.”“Jeez, you have really bad nightmares! Or, you let me fuck you senseless and you get the job. With me?” I nodded. “How do you feel about that?”“Miss Stern…”“Dolly.”“Dolly, I know this sort of thing is common in the industry but I’m not going to go along with it. You may think me naïve but I think I’m good enough to get there without spreading my legs for anyone.” I was trying not to get angry but failing.“Faye, there’s a thousand actresses out there as good as you.”“It’s kind of you to speak to me but I think I’ll be going.” I placed the glass carefully and stood. I was trying to hold myself together.“Sit down. Well done you. No matter what some sleazeball tells you, and there’s plenty of them about, the good actors get there without having to be whores. If you’re as good as I think you are then you don’t need to be a whore.”“So why the charade?”“Flick said she wanted me to give it to you straight. There’s a certain irony there, no?” She laughed and despite my waning anger, I did too. “She, we know you’re likely to have to deal with that and it’s best you do it now and understand we’re not all sleazeballs and we’re not all liars and thieves. Now, how do you fancy the part?”“As support to Pfeiffer?”“Yeah. You’re great for the part but the part’s not too great for you.”I was, as you may imagine, totally bewildered by this stage. “You mean there really is a part?”“There is and you’re good for it but you might not think it good for you. Your role is as Pfeiffer’s assistant, you’re dowdy, you love her to distraction and although you know she’s never going to be your lover, you decide, because you’re a psycho, to knock off anyone who gets close to her so you can be her comforter in her grief.”“Jeez.”“You do, incidentally, get to wash her back in the tub. Christ on a bike, I’d take up acting if I thought I could do that!”Now I was really laughing.“Screen test Monday. You OK with that?”“I don’t know how to thank you.”“Thank me by doing a good job so I make a bigger fortune. Now, go and have a good time.” I stood again and turned to leave. “Faye.”“Yes, Dolly?”“I’m serious. You
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re too good to sink to whoring for work. Remember that, promise.” I promised. “I have a rule. I never, ever fuck anyone who is going to work for me in any way. If I didn’t mean to hire you I’d have made a pass. You’re attractive,” nobody ever said ‘beautiful,’ “and you’re clever and you can act. You’ll go a long way.”I loved her from that moment on.Still dazed I left the room and went back to the party to find Flick talking to a woman, tall, class butch and silver hair, cut close to her scalp. She was wearing a short skirt which was a sort of nod to womanhood in her case. Her top was a leather waistcoat over a silk shirt with a tie pulled down a little from the open collar. I barely noticed her.Flick smiled. “How did you get on with Dolly?”“Fuck sake, Flick. I nearly smashed a brandy glass on her head!”“Glad you didn’t!”“Faye Millerton, right?” This was the butch. I agreed I was. “Marilyn Foster. You won't remember me but I was in my last year when you joined the academy.” We shook hands.Flick said, “I believe Marilyn went through a similar interview process, no?”“I did. I thought she was going to jump me there and then!”I felt a hand on my shoulder. Dolly was standing next to me and I watched, bemused as she handed Flick a one hundred dollar bill. She patted my shoulder, smiled at me and moved on.“What was that all about?”“I bet her fifty bucks each that you two would tell her to get lost.”“You…”“Careful, darling. Aunty Flick is the hand that feeds you. Don’t bite it. Get to know Marilyn, you’ll be working together.” She turned to Marilyn. “You really should ditch that agent of yours, he’s fucking useless. Come and join me. Faye’ll tell you I am marvelous.” With that, she was gone.The party went on around us as I talked to Marilyn, or Maz as she preferred to be called. We reminisced about our time at the academy and gossiped about others who’d been there. “ A little bird tells me you’re queer too. Anyone special?”“Happily single.”“Me too, determinedly so in fact. In this game, one is surrounded by so many beautiful women what’s the fucking point of chaining yourself to one?”Her long fingers pushed a strand of my hair out of my eyes and behind my ear. “Tidy you up a bit,” she smiled, “dear old Dolly wound you up a treat. Come with me.” She held my hand and led me down a passageway. She opened a door and peered inside before leading me in and closing the door behind me.She pushed me gently so my back was against the wall and kissed me, her hands on my shoulders, my face tilted up as hers looked down at me. “Say now if you don’t want to.”“Do stop fucking about.”Her grin was positively wicked as she closed on me again and kissed me, her tongue breaking into me like a burglar into a bedroom window and one hand left my shoulder and went down to stroke my hip. I felt her lifting my dress higher and higher and suddenly her hand was between my legs and I felt my knickers being pulled down to my knees. Her other hand pulled my dress up and then her pussy, naked under that short skirt, was rubbing on my stocking while her hand sawed between my now wet lips. She never stopped kissing me and suddenly, no warning whatever, she climaxed and I felt her wet flood a little on my leg. She stood, kissing me, for a few minutes more as she calmed then stepped back, her hand still between my legs.“Whoa, nice. Shall we go back to your hotel? Flick says it’s better than mine.”My dress fell back down as she pulled her hand away.“I can tell you’re a comprehensive schoolgirl”“Oh?” She looked a little bemused, maybe even a little cross.“Any private schoolgirl will tell you it’s polite to touch her tits before you go up her skirt. If she doesn’t stop you it’s green to go for the puss.”She laughed. “I must remember that next time.”“My hotel?” I moved to open the door“Yes, but Faye.”“What.”“You might want to pull your knickers up.”We laughed and nattered all the way back to the hotel. In fact, I hadn’t pulled them up, I’d taken them off and stuffed them into the little clutch bag I’d been carrying.We got to my room and as I closed the door Maz stood behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. She leant in a kissed my bare skin and her hands caressed down my arms, taking the dress’s straps with them. She licked, kissed, nibbled the sensitive skin of my neck shoulder and back as she guided my dress down to the floor, her mouth following the dress’s progress down until she was nuzzling against my buttocks. She stood, turned me around and kissed my mouth, then my breasts. Her hands traced my body, fingertips circling and caressing as her tongue delved deep into me. My hands went to her shirt buttons but she pushed them away.“Maz undresses when Maz decides.”She moved slightly to one side and her finger finally found my cunt lips which she explored delicately, seldom breaking the kiss. I could feel her nipples against my naked skin and they were hard, hard as rocks beneath her blouse and bra. Her free hand slithered around me and stroked between my buttocks, resting against my pucker.“We state school types say if a girl lets you in here,’ slight tap of said finger, “she’s a very obedient girl. Are you an obedient girl?”I didn’t answer but I pushed my arse back a little and she obviously got the picture because she pressed a little more and I slipped my arms around her neck and kissed as hard as I could and she definitely got the picture then and suddenly I was filled and her mouth was pressed to mine and we were both very, very hot.I broke the kiss. “I want to taste you.”Maz said nothing, she simply stepped back and undressed. Under her shirt, she wore an almost transparent bra and when she removed it, it was suddenly obvious what large nipples she had. She looked down, clearly, she’d seen my eyes widen and rolled one nipple between her fingers.“Like?”Words were not needed. I leant down and took the other nipple between my lips and sucked, enjoying its length and texture. I was rewarded with a sigh of pleasure.“Get down and say hello to Miss Kitty.”I knelt and put my lips to her cunt and lapped, licked and kissed. She spent a few minutes pushing her pelvis forward and back, riding my mouth before she lifted me up and took me to bed.“It’s your turn. Bloody tempting to let you just get on with it but I’m a decent sort. Lie back and think of England.”God, but she was good. Fingers, tongue, nose, Christ even her feet played a part in what followed and I ended screaming the place down, cumming as I had rarely cum before. I was a sweaty mess, tears of ecstasy on my cheeks, my arse red from a spanking.We lay together, her mouth close to mine, her fingers occasionally delving into me again almost as if it were just for fun.“I like being inside you.”“You’re very welcome!”“Are you being cheeky?”“As if.”“You know if you’re cheeky I have to fuck you again, don’t you?”I poked my tongue out and we both started giggling. 

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