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Porn movies with old babes who take big and thick cock from blacks

Chapter 4: An Interesting TailChris stirred, and momentarily wondered why he felt so nice, quickly realising that Lynn was at work on his cock again. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling as he grew in her mouth, the subtle vibration of her moans causing him to twitch and shiver.He looked down, and she looked up, running her tongue from his balls to his glans and then, not stopping, over his chest, kissing gently as she progressed until finally placing her moist warm lips on his."Hello lover, ready for another day?" she smiled, pulling back. "You should be after that sleep!"Chris looked at the alarm clock. It was almost ten. Lynn rolled off the bed and sat at the dressing table brushing her hair."To be fair I had every reason to be exhausted," laughed Chris, sitting up and rubbing his eyes which immediately felt sore."Don't rub your eyes, you never took your make-up off last night!" exclaimed Lynn, "Come over here and let me clean you up."Chris glanced in the mirror briefly. He was not a particularly pretty sight, somewhere between zombie drag queen and full English breakfast! His erection faded almost immediately! Lynn laughed at his look of horror and got busy gently rubbing his eyes with facial wipes and applying face cream. When she was done, she held the mirror up and Chris was relieved to see his old self back, albeit a bit red in the face."How about a shower together," Lynn chirped, "strictly just to save water of course!" Annoyingly almost as soon as Lynn had turned it on, the doorbell rang."Perfect timing," said Lynn, pushing Chris out of the shower. "Be quick, it will be my delivery, go get it, Chrissy, before they think we're not in." Chris rubbed off as much water as he could with a towel as he stumbled out of the shower, but Lynn was calling out, "Go, go.""Err," said Chris, looking for something to wear and only having the translucent dressing gown to hand, "can't I…""No, put that on, and go, go get it before they go away!" Lynn was jumping up and down in the shower, panicking and laughing at the same time!Chris threw the dressing gown over his shoulders and tied the belt as well as he could, but it was sticking to his damp skin. He bounded down the stairs, concerned that the delivery man would have already gone as he had already rung twice!"Thank goodness," he thought, as he noticed a shadowy figure through the glazing of the door.He opened the door, concealing as much as he was able to. "Hello, sorry, I was in the shower!""No worries, I am a bit early, delivery for Mrs Powell," said the attractive girl, hiding behind a fairly large box.There was nothing for it, Chris had to reveal himself and take it. "Sorry, this was the only thing I could find to put on, he muttered, self-consciously, as he moved from behind the door, took the rather heavy box and placed it down behind him, acutely aware that Lynn's peignoir was not exactly designed for public wearing and unsure exactly what he was putting on display as he bent down."I just need a signature," said the girl with an insane smile on her face, handing him a stylus and electronic device.Chris applied his usual scribble and handed it back."Thank you," he said, "and I do apologise for my state of attire.""No need sir, we should all wear what we feel comfortable in," the girl replied smiling nicely. "Actually I think it suits you!" The smile morphed into a grin, and with that bombshell she turned and sashayed down the path with an ever-so provocative wiggle of the hips, her bum looking incredibly sexy in her tight jeans.Chris grabbed the box and carried it upstairs, intrigued by what it might contain! The packaging was very discrete and gave nothing away."Excellent, perfect timing. Put it on the bed and we can have a look. Hope you're excited!" said Lynn, who had dried herself off and was waiting naked outside the bedroom door.Lynn sliced the tape with her nail scissors and pulled out a load of bubble wrap."Woah! Now that is perverted, you lie on that while I make love to you and I’ll see how many of those bubbles I can burst," laughed Chris, but his expression soon changed as he watched Lynn carefully remove the other items and line them up on the bed.A white corset with suspenders.Fishnet lattice stockings.A pair of breast forms.Various items of erotic lingerie, including a large bra.A set of handcuffs and ankle cuffs.A studded collar and leash.A 6 inch silicone dildo and strap.Two butt plugs, one with a tail!A large tube of water based lube.A douche.While Chris stood there dumb-struck, Lynn looked irritated."I don't believe it, there's some stuff missing," she moaned, reading the despatch note. "Ah wait, it's in the other box.""What other box?""There are two boxes in this delivery.""Well, I only got given this one, maybe they forgot the other one.""Typical!" she exclaimed, clearly frustrated. "Anyway, no matter, the important stuff is here and in reality the timing couldn't have been better. I'll sort that out later!"She sat on the bed next to the items and looked up at Chris whose face could best be described as looking like a patient who had just walked into an operating theatre and seen a pile of surgical instruments."Sit next to me," she smiled, pushing the toys to one side. "You've got no idea how much fun today is going to be even if it does all look a bit intimidating at the moment! However, I promised you a bit of an explanation last night, so come here and I'll tell you about a rather strange period of my life."Lynn held his hand and explained how while she had been at college she was dumped by her long term boyfriend for what she referred to as some complete slapper. A bit naively, she went straight into a relationship with one of her tutors who had a taste for swinging and parties."It didn't last that long," she said, head down. "At the end of term I realised I wasn't in the right place for me and I transferred to another course, but I was so desperate to please him at the time that I did do some pretty wild things and deep down it fundamentally changed my whole view of sex to be one of pleasure. The trouble was I couldn’t equate it to love.”To say this was all a bit of a shock to Chris would have been understating the feeling a hundredfold!"It's why I have always been so funny about certain things," she continued, "like that whole not wanting to wear the basque yesterday morning. It was a period of my life that I had closed the door to, that I just didn't want reminding of with all this negativity of being used. That man just loved me for what he had made me into, not for who I was!"Her voice faltered and a single tear rolled down her cheek."I love you, I love you so much!" said Chris, holding her tight, the shock of it all making him feel very emotional as well. "I had no idea, I would never…""Shhh!" Said Lynn, pressing his lips shut with her finger. "I know you do and I really am over it now. You have made that possible. To be honest I absolutely loved all the uncomplicated sex, I just longed for real uncomplicated love, a love that was not about being possessed, but about being with someone who cared and wanted to bring happiness into my life! Sometimes things you did triggered unhappy memories, little things, you know, but it was never about you even though you might have felt it was. I did see a psychiatrist for a while and I think I must have been his favourite patient based on the stories I used to tell him. His face use to get ever so red! But he helped so much, he was always professional and caring and never judgemental whatever might have been going on in the back of his mind. Anyway, he taught me how to separate it out, how it was the past and now was the future and I could be exactly who I wanted to be, not what someone else wanted me to be.""Wow, so it really helped?" said Chris, who had always thought that psychiatrists were a waste of time."Yes and no. Yesterday brought it all into perspective for me and finally I saw what it was he had achieved. He had stopped me feeling ashamed of myself and enabled me to actually see that the things I had done were exactly that, just things I had done. They didn't define me, not today, and I could make my own choices independent for that period in my life. What was even weirder, as I came to accept that, was that I was able to take myself back and realise that a lot of those things I had done I actually really enjoyed. They were just amazingly sensual, things that everyone should actually experience, and not feel bad about.""But I had no idea!" Chris repeated."No, I didn't want you to, that was the whole point. 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ht I was very happy with our lovely normal life and didn’t think you would be able to deal with it anyway. Then yesterday morning I got some of those old desires back and one thing led to another, but unlike before, they were combined with love, and I couldn't help myself. When you seemed to be enjoying it so much too, it was like, hey, maybe I can have all those things again, but as part of a loving relationship, with someone I trust, care about and who cares about me.""Well, err," Chris said, incapable of constructing any form of reply, his mind completely absorbed in processing everything he was hearing.She hugged him hard. She was really crying now and he had begun to cry too. He hugged her back, then kissed her cheek, salty from the tears. They held each other tightly. The bonding was complete, the emotions laid bare, everything was clear and there was only honesty and love between them. Love was love and sex was sex. How easy was that!Lynn wiped her eyes.Chris looked at her. She seemed so vulnerable and so in need of him."What was your best ever memory?" he asked, not sure if he should ask or even if he would like the answer."Oh!" she choked, "oh, that, that is easy! There was this time at a party where I was the desert, really! I was brought into the room on a massage table, covered in strawberries, raspberries, blueberries. whipped cream and grated dark chocolate, well I think so, and then a crowd was eating them off me, and licking me all over everywhere, and, well without doubt the best thing was they were all girls with beautiful soft smooth faces who knew just what I needed and how to please me. It was absolutely divine, just thinking about it now makes me go all goose bumpy."Wow!" said Chris, not sure what else to say, or that perhaps ‘Wow’ was actually the only valid response to a revelation like that."But hey, look, that's all the past and today is all about the future, our future, so listen." She paused to make sure she had his attention. "There is one thing I've never done. Really, never done it! It was the one thing I kept back, and I always wanted to do it, but wanted it to be special. I want to do it now, and there’s no easy way to say it, so I'm just going to say it! I want that hot cock of yours in my ass! I've been anally fucked with fingers, plugs and dildos, but never an actual cock!"Chris gulped and noticed that although his conscious side maybe wasn't ready, his erection certainly was."I'm going to the bathroom, back in a mo! And while I'm sorting myself out, put on the bra, it's a full cup which is perfect for those breasts over there, see what you think. Oh, and see if you can work out the corset! See you soon lover!"Chris slipped off the peignoir and placed it carefully on the hanger and stood naked. He picked up the breast forms. They were a lot heavier than he expected, but felt quite nice. He liked the nipples! He slipped the bra round his waist, fastened it, then twisted it so the cups were at the front. He pulled the straps over his shoulders leaving two pockets for the breasts. He smiled as he slipped them in. They felt amazing! He moved his shoulders up and down and felt them move, the shoulder straps doing their job well. He could get used to this, he thought.He picked up the corset. Now that was a challenge. It took him a couple of minutes to work out which way up it should go, but the strapping completely flummoxed him, and as for reaching round his back, well that wasn't something he was well practised in. He decided he would need some help with that so pulled on a satin thong instead, pleased by the way the tiny strap disappeared between his cheeks and tickled his ass.Still waiting, he picked up the dildo. It was fairly realistic with a good bulbous head and a vein covered shaft, about six or seven inches long. The silicone felt quite nice, soft and slightly silky. It was cool to touch at first, but as silicone is a great thermal insulator, it didn't feel cold and seemed to get warm very quickly as he held it. He then noticed that the breasts had warmed up nicely too, like they weren't even there. "Thank science for silicone," he thought."Caught you," laughed Lynn, strolling into the bedroom and making him drop the rubber penis on the floor."You are just so cute when you're blushing," she teased. "Now what happened with the corset? Not a lot I see. Right, over here young lady and stop playing with things you shouldn't be playing with!"Chris let Lynn wrap the corset round him, fixing the clips and then pulling it tight at the back, tying it in a bow once she had achieved the desired effect. Looking in the mirror he could see that although his hips weren't big, he really had a much nicer feminine shape, with the added bonus that the constriction somehow just felt so good. Lynn helped him on with his stockings, as bending down was suddenly much more difficult than usual! He slipped on the same old heels from yesterday and surveyed the work one more time. The mirror was proving to be very mesmeric. The bra worked well, creating a very pleasing bust, while the corset had given him that hint of hour glass figure that had been sorely lacking before and made his stockinged legs look even longer and sexier."Err hello," said Lynn, "sorry to interrupt but I wondering if you fancied a ride?" She had turned round and put her hands on the dressing table stool and was shaking her ass at him, a long black tail waving from side to side, her engorged lips flashing into view as it brushed against each cheek. Round her neck was the studded collar, a lead dangling down forming a neat spiral on the stool. "What do you think, cute huh?"Chris snapped back to reality. However good he thought he looked, Lynn's pose was off the scale!"Now get over here, I need to feel you in me, fuck me baby, fuck your little pony!"He sauntered over. His hardening member had already escaped through the side of the thong and, lifting up her tail, he positioned his cock between her lips and slowly slipped into her dripping pussy, right in. He could feel the plug in her ass and it was a whole new sensation. It was so tight, so amazing to feel that extra pressure and hardness. For Lynn, it forced the head of his cock against her g-spot as he thrust in and out, causing her to groan in rhythm."Grab the lead, lover, oh, oh, oh, pull it, gently, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, that's it, oh, oh, oh, ahhhh, ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"Chris continued to fuck her, pulling on the lead in as she shook her head violently from side to side, her hair flailing on her back. The sheer intensity of her orgasm caused her to collapse onto the stool, her ass still in the air, but leaving him standing proud, his cock glistening and throbbing, while she trembled and sighed, struggling to bring her body back under control."Oh baby, oh my God, Oh!"Chris felt so good, and so good that he had made her feel so good. His cock was as hard as it had ever been. He wanted more and Lynn was clearly ready."Oh, oh, ah! Thank you, oh, oh, let me get up, now, oh, get on the bed, ahhhhh, put that towel down first, there, it's there on the floor, ooooh, lie on your back."Chris smoothed out the towel and lay back. Lynn had finally recovered her breath."Dock this pony's tail," she ordered, pointing her gorgeous ass in his face.Chris pulled gently, Lynn panting and groaning until there was a popping sound and it was out. Her rosebud was red and wide and waiting. He reached for a tissue and wrapped it round the plug, placing it on the towel beside him while Lynn straddled him and after taking a big squirt of lube in her palm, rubbed it all over his cock. Positioning herself carefully and applying some lube to herself, she grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance. Holding it tight, she lowered herself down, slowly, slowly, sighing and groaning as the head passed her sphincter, and then he was in. She pulled herself up and off, applied some more lube, and then lowered herself again, this time in one easy slow motion with a big sigh until he felt her ass cheeks on his legs, and his cock was enveloped in the tightest, hottest place he could ever have imagined."Oh wow, oh, stay still lover, let me ride you, it's, oh!"She lifted her ass slowly, then lowered it, again, again, building the pace and moaning louder as the thrusts because faster.Finally she leant forward and they kissed, deep kisses, enough to send Chris over the edge, shooting his seed deep into her bowels.She pulled off him and they lay side by side, holding hands, completely out of breath, hearts racing, totally spent, but sublimely happy.

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