He tricks her like a model if he fucks her

He tricks her like a model if he fucks her

I met Angela at the local library while doing some research for work. I was the project foreman for a new three-story office building we were going to be building in a new city, and I wanted to learn a little bit about the area before getting this three million dollar construction job off the ground. I found a few books on the area I was interested in, and then looked for someplace to sit and read through them. I looked around and found a quiet table next to the window so there was lots of natural light. I sat down and was looking through the books I had picked out, when I heard a woman's voice. "Excuse me... Is anyone sitting here?" I looked up from my book and saw the source of the lovely voice. Angela Thompkins was a very beautiful, very sexy woman, about twenty four years old. She stood about five foot four inches tall with long blonde curly hair down to the small of her back, blue eyes that sparkled like the sapphires they were colored as, and a delightfully curvy, voluptuous figure. "Uh... sure, I guess," I said, completely at a loss for a smooth comeback to her question. She smiled sensing my awkwardness, and sat down next to me on the reading area sofa. "What are you reading?" she asked, trying to ease the discomfort of the situation. "Oh, I am doing some research on St. Louis. My company has a project coming up there and I wanted to learn a little about the place first. "Oh really? I'm from Columbia, Missouri. I've been to St. Louis a number of times. It's only about 125 miles east of Columbia. Maybe I can help?" she said. "That would be nice. I could really use a "local" perspective on my project," I said. "I'd be happy to. My name is Angela Thompkins," she said, holding out her hand. "Michael Williams, nice to meet you Angela. That's a pretty name. It suits you," I said, getting my 'smooth' back finally. As Angela blushed a most attractive rose color, I took her hand and gently shook it, not letting go of it immediately. I looked at the small feminine hand in mine, She obviously took care of her looks, her nails were long and immaculately manicured. They contrasted well with my rough, working man hands. "So what kind of project is this? What are you doing?" she asked. "My construction company is erecting an office building in St. Louis. It's projected to be three stories and take up a full city block with a two level parking garage next to it," I told her. "Oh my, that is some project! Well St. Louis is a fast growing place. It's been a couple years since I've been back, but I still have family in Columbia and they tell me all the goings on around the area," she said. "What brought you here to Atlanta?" I asked. "I went to college here and once I graduated a couple years ago, I just never went back. I like the area here and I love the fact that the winters are so mild here! Missouri can get so cold in the winter. Guess that's why it's called Misery!" she giggled. 'Add a beautiful laugh to her score as well!' I thought to myself. I don't know how the construction would go, but the research was looking fine! We sat there and talked and she told me about St. Louis, about growing up in Missouri, and about what the people there are like. They didn't call it the Show Me State for nothing. I would have to bring my best game to this construction if I was going to make a success of it. My A game wouldn't be enough - I needed my A+ game! Apparently Missourians are not an easy crowd to impress! We talked for a couple hours there in the library, until it started getting late. The announcement that the library would be closing made our conversation come to an abrupt and unwanted end. I was thoroughly enjoying my charming research assistant's company! "Angela, would you like to go get some dinner?" I asked her. "I'd like that," she said with her trademark smile. So we went to find a nice restaurant and talk some more. We got together a few more times before I was to head to St. Louis. What started off as a chance meeting in the library, had become a nice friendship. We went to dinner and to the movies, and I showed her where I worked. I was a perfect gentleman during our dates - I was getting ready to go to St. Louis and I wasn't exactly sure how long I would be gone. I didn't want to start something and leave this beautiful creature hanging! Finally the day came for me to leave for St. Louis. Angela had asked if she could come to the airport to see me off, and it made me feel very good that she wanted to. We met at the airport, each of us driving our own vehicles so she would have a way home. I took a cab to the airport so my car stayed safe in my garage. After I got my ticket and we went through security, we walked to the gate that my plane was due to leave from. We sat there waiting for the announcement to come, neither of us in a hurry for it. "Michael, will you call me when you get to St. Louis... just so I know you got there safely?" she asked. "Of course, Angela. I will call you the moment I arrive," I said. "And will you call me from time to time to let me know how things are going? I really don't want to lose touch - we have had such good times lately," she said. "I will call you, Angela. I promise," I said. "Oh before I forget, here's a spare key to my place. Can you go by from time to time, just to check on things and make sure everything is okay?" She looked at me and smiled, "Of course." About that time, the announcement we both had been dreading came over the loudspeakers and it was time for me to go. "God I hate airports!" she said, "Someone is always leaving someone!" We got up and walked to the gate door and then Angela stopped and turned to me. She threw her arms around me, pulling me close to her and kissed me... and not just a friendly "take care" kiss - this was one hell of a kiss! She pressed her lips to mine and put her heart into this kiss. As I kissed her back, I felt her melt to me holding me tightly like she didn't want me to go. Finally, she broke the kiss, putting her cheek to mine and whispering, "Please Michael, hurry back to me." * * * * * I was gone for almost a month, getting this project up and running and making sure the crews there in St. Louis knew what to do. But I didn't need to stay there and see the project through to completion, thankfully. Even though the apartment the company set me up with was very nice, I was eager to get back home to my own home. As I promised Angela, I had called her the minute I was in the terminal at St. Louis International Airport, and I had called her a couple times a week after that. When I got the go ahead to come home, I booked the first flight I could back to Atlanta. I called Angela to let her know and she was so excited. "Oh Michael, that's wonderful news! I haven’t seen you for such a long time and I've really missed you!" she said. "Well my flight will be coming in about 4:00 am this Saturday. You don't have to come to the airport though, I will just catch a cab home. I will come by later that day to see you," I told her. "You'd better mister! I have been looking forward to seeing you again since you left!" she said, feigning sternness. I arrived home that Saturday morning about 5:30. My flight had been unremarkable and it was good to be home. Using my regular key, I went inside and was flabbergasted - everything in my apartment was immaculate! That girl had come by and cleaned my entire house while I was gone! I mean everything from the floor to ceiling was superb! The dishes were done and put away, the laundry was done, fresh sheets on the bed, the icebox had been cleaned of old food - the place was a Home and Gardens showpiece! I wandered through the house, amazed at what she had done in my absence until I got to the bedroom. There, on the bed, was a small ornate envelope. I opened it and read the note inside: "Welcome home honey, I can't wait to see you!" and it was signed "Angela" with a kiss in her own lipstick under her name. I was going to have to thank her for all her efforts! I grabbed a quick nap just so I wouldn't fall asleep when I went to see her. I had slept some on the plane, but you can never really sleep good on one of those flights; besides, it was only a four hour flight. About 11:00 a.m. I headed over to her place. I had stopped by the florist to pick her up a rose and a bottle of wine. I pulled up to her apartment and rang the doorbell. Angela opened the door and peeked through the crack. "MICHAEL!" she squealed, when she saw it was me. She threw the door open wide and quickly pulled me inside, shutting and locking the door again behind us. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me like we had been apart for years instead of just a month. I pushed her back against the wall and pressed against her, showing her that I had missed her as well. With her arms locked around my neck, we slid along the wall until we came to the small dining room table, where I set the bottle of wine and the flower down, not wanting to drop them. Once my hands were empty, I put them to use, wrapping them around her waist and pulling her to me. She moaned softly into my mouth and our kiss deepened. Our kiss ended and she hugged me close. "Oh Michael, I have missed you! I thought about you all the time, wondering how you were doing," she said in my ear. I smiled at her soft words. Truth be told, I had missed and thought of her a lot as well. "I missed you too, Angela. I was very happy when they told me I could come home. I wanted to see you as soon as I could," I said. "You look beautiful." "Thanks, Michael, I was hoping you would like this dress," she said. I handed her the rose and she took it, blushing, and smelled it. She went to the cupboard and found a vase for it, putting it in water. I watched her from across her small kitchen... she was a sight for sore eyes! She had a sexy little red velvet dress, cut a bit higher than mid-thigh and hugging her hot, curvaceous body. The dress was cut low in the front and scooped deep in back nearly to the flare of her ass. It was smoking hot and she did it justice too! Once she had put the flower in some water and had set the wine on the counter, she came over to me. Holding me again, we kissed some more and I could feel her melt into me. "Oh God Michael..." she moaned as we held each other. I knew how she felt; I felt the same way. So I made the first move and put my face between her ample tits, kissing them each. Angela had huge tits, but they were soft and ripe. And as I was to find out, very sensitive. She tossed her head back as my hot mouth kissed each creamy globe. Seeing how she liked it, I reached into the deep V of her dress, scooping out the fleshy globes, freeing them from their velvet prison. Luckily for both of us, she wasn't wearing a bra (was she planning all this? I wondered) and once her tits were released, I could see just how marvelous they were. Angela had 34DD tits soft and creamy with thick, rosy nipples and the biggest areolae I'd ever seen! Her nipples stiffened in the cool room air and stood tall, begging for me to suck them. After kissing her mouth and trailing kisses down her neck and chest, I started licking one bare nipple and fondling the other one. I curled my fingers into the fleshy titmeat as Angela pulled my face deeper into her tit, pushing more of it into my mouth. I began nipping and chewing on her nipple, while I rolled the other between my fingers. Angela moaned and leaned back against the counter. Angela squealed with delight at the feel of my rough, wet tongue against one sensitive nipple and my fingers pinching and tugging on the other. She hefted her massive mammaries, thrusting her nipples to meet my mouth and my hand. After licking and rubbing for almost a minute, I switched so I was licking the dry nipple while my fingers were pleasuring the other. Angela squealed again, delightedly, and started squirming from the pleasure her nipples were receiving. I licked and sucked and chewed on her hard aching nipples as I could feel her passion growing. Her moans and squirming grew more and more desperate as I feasted on her. Finally, she couldn't take it any more. She pushed me back gasping "Wait... please..." she said as she tried to catch her breath. I stood there in front of her as she panted, leaning back on the kitchen counter for support. When she had rested enough for her knees to support her again, she took me by the hand. "Come with me," she said, and we headed for her bedroom and the delights she had waiting there for me. Angela took me to the side of her bed and began undressing me, punctuating her actions with kisses as she removed my jacket and shirt. Once she had me shirtless, I stopped her, wanting to do a little "unwrapping" of my own. I kissed her neck below her earlobe, then down a few inches, then right where her neck meets her shoulder. As I kissed her, I slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders, kissing where they once lay. Once both straps had been slipped off her smooth soft shoulders, Angela shimmied out of the dress, letting it puddle around her feet on the floor. Standing there in nothing but her panties, heels, and stockings, I leaned forward to kiss her again. This time though my hand slid down her tight stomach to her soaked panties. I covered her mound with my hand "Is this for me, baby?" I asked. "Yesss..." she hissed, as she began grinding her pussy against my hand. "You're so wet... your pussy is soaked!" I said, taunting her."Please... go inside. Touch me... inside..." she moaned as she grabbed a tit, pinching her hard nipple.I slid my hand under the waistband of her panties and began toying with her pussy. She gasped at first, feeling my fingers at her entrance, but then her kisses became more passionate and more desperate. She kissed me like she wanted to devour me, and I returned her kiss with equal enthusiasm. I toyed with her dripping pussy, fingering her clit and rubbing her swollen pussy lips. I dipped a couple fingers inside her, rubbing against her g-spot and splitting my fingers on either side of her clit. From the intense pleasure her pussy was giving her, Angela’s lovely body, creamy white and freckled, twisted and squirmed more and she cooed her pleasure, pleasing my ears and pleasing my mouth with her kisses. I spun the girl around and laid her on her back on the bed. I reached down and pulled her soaked panties off of her, tossing them to the floor without looking or caring where they landed. Then I resumed fingering her pussy, not wanting her to cool even a little bit, as she whimpered and purred her pleasures. She laid back and spread her legs readily, offering herself totally to my caresses. I fingerfucked her, making her pussy drool happily and making those sexy, squishy sounds a wet pussy makes. Angela began to maul her wondrous tits, clawing at them, pinching and tugging madly at her nipples. I could see she was on the verge of her first orgasm of the night. "Ohhh fuck, Michael, I'm going to cum... I'm... FUUUCCCKKMEEE!!" she screamed out as it hit her like a freight train. With nothing to hold her down, Angela began bucking and pitching like a wild mare at the rodeo. She bucked and twisted and rolled around on the bed like she was being electrocuted. She clawed at the sheets, raking the fabric with her long nails and trying to find something stable to cling to in her wildly spinning world. I continued to rub my fingers across her clit even as her orgasm hit, wanting to draw it out and prolong the delicious ecstasy she was feeling longer. Her hypers
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ensitive clit kept sending her brain signals, and I could see she was going through chain orgasms - each orgasm coming on the heels of and building on the previous one. "Ohh, God! Oh, Please! Please Michael!" she cried, trying to close her legs. I knew this was getting intense for her, but I wasn't ready yet to ease up on her. I smacked the inside of her thigh. "Keep those legs open!" I barked. She opened them back up with a squeal, and I rubbed her clit to one more hard orgasm for good measure. She lay there panting and moaning softly as I watched her for a couple moments. I finished undressing, removing my pants and boxers. My cock sprang forth eager to get in the game as well. I was already hard and my seven inches of hard meat wanted to go right to work, but I knew if I did that, the game would be over far too soon. So with all the restraint I could muster given the circumstances, I climbed onto the bed and worked my way up Angela's trembling, panting body. I straddled her as I crawled up her, and when we were face to face, I kissed her once more. Angela was a terrific kisser and her soft, red lips were the stuff dreams were made of - soft and tender, just firm enough to let you know they're there, but pliable enough that you wanted to take them in your mouth and nibble on them forever. I kissed her long and deep and despite her still panting, she held my kiss until I broke it. She gasped still needing more air, so while she resumed her soft panting, I began kissing my way down her soft, sexy body. As I licked and kissed my way down her form, I stopped at her tits once again to revisit those creamy hills and the cherry nipples atop them. But I didn't linger too long this time, and after some additional moaning and gasping, I headed further south. I stopped next at her navel and tugged gently at her piercing with my teeth. Then I moved on, kissing the top of each hipbone and then rubbing my nose through the soft downy hair I found there. Angela kept her pubes neat and tidy, just like everything else on her. She had a small triangle patch of blond starting just above her hood and going upwards a little from the. It wasn't much of a patch - you wouldn't see it even in the tiniest bikini bottom - but it was enough to tease. It held her delightfully musky woman scent and I enjoyed having my nose in her pussy fluff. The fragrance coming from her urged me on, over her mons and clear down to the upper ends of her outer pussy lips. When I reached her clit hood, I stopped and after sliding a pillow under her ass, she raised her legs up to where she could hold onto them and spread them as wide as she could. I positioned my shoulders against the undersides of her thighs and wrapped my arms around her legs. My fingers parted her thick, swollen lips and my face was inches from her gorgeous pussy, enjoying both the incredible aroma and the beauty of her swollen pink pussy lips with the drops of juices that clung to them. "Mmm, Angela, you have a beautiful pussy, so wet and pink and it smells so nice. I can't wait to see if you taste as good as you look!" "Ohhh..." she moaned at my words, knowing that her torment was far from over. Her moan turned to a high pitched squeal as I buried my face in her sweet-smelling crotch and she felt my tongue snaking its way into her steaming depths. I fastened my mouth firmly over her honey-hole using my arms to pin her to me. She instinctively began to buck and writhe trying to shake me loose and rid herself of the wriggling tongue inside her, but it was useless - she was already worn out from all of her previous orgasms and I was far too strong for her to get away from. With my arms wrapped securely around her thighs my fingers holding her pussy open, and my head between her thighs, Angela had no choice but to just endure whatever I chose to do to her! I started licking up all the delicious juices from her dripping pussy, relishing their sweet flavor as I knew I would. As I slowly licked the area between Angela’s outer and inner labia, she began pushing her pussy up towards my face, humping my face. My tongue probed the seam between the two lips and Angela started fucking her pussy stronger into my face. "Oh, God, Michael! Oh that feels so good! I have wanted you like this since before you left! Ohh, Fuck yes!" she said as I munched away. Angela moaned her appreciation of my tongue slowly licking its way between her pussy lips on that side and the outer and inner surfaces of her outer lip. Although her outer lips are not as sensitive as other places, she did like it when I sucked them into my mouth and tugged on them gently with my teeth and lips. The other parts of her pussy were exceptionally sensitive, however, and she loved the feel of my tongue on her. Her pussy was leaking juices so much I was afraid she would get dehydrated! Of course I didn't let any of them go to waste, licking and lapping up every drop I could find, but that only created more stimulation as my tongue wriggled around inside her driving her to greater heights. Unable to get away from my vexing and with her lustful appetite on overload, Angela was pulling on her nipples like she wanted to tear them off one minute and then pushing her tit up to lick at them the next! She tossed her head to and fro in a blonde tornado of hair as she cried and mewled, whimpered and moaned.  Slowly, agonizingly slowly, I licked and tongued all the surfaces of her labia many times over. Then I licked upwards to where her inner lip forms the clit hood. Angela’s body had been squirming on the bed even before I started eating her pussy, but my tongue brushed across her clit hood,indirectly stimulating the lovely love button sheltering under there, she began violently thrashing about. "Yes! Yes! Oh Michael, that feels really good. Lick me there. Lick my clit. Please God, lick my clit!" she cried out, near crazy with need. Very gently, I curled my tongue under her protective hood to fondle her sweetest of sweet spots. "God, that’s it. Right there... lick me right there. Lick my clit." I did as Angela wanted, gently touching the engorged sides of her sensitive love button with the tip of my tongue. I brought my tongue back from her clit and, after relishing all the delectable juices her love hole had produced, I started licking the pussy lips on the other side. These were treated the same way as the first labia and then I brought my tongue back to her clit hood, where I licked her again the same way. "God, Michael... I really love what you do to me," Angela said. But I didn't need her to, because I could tell how much she loved what I was doing from her moans of pleasure, the way her body was pitching and tossing on the bed and the way her pussy was fucking into my face. She wasn't quite ready to cum, but I brought her closer when I once again began licking her precious clit. Although my tongue only fondled her love toy briefly, it caused Angela’s pussy to fuck into my face even more strongly and produce a gusher of delicious juices. After enjoying them, I started probing my tongue into her love hole and tongue fucking her again. Angela’s thighs rotated outward, presenting her pussy even more fully to my pleasuring mouth. By now Angela was not just moaning, but whimpering, and her hips were swiveling under my face, causing her legs to thrust out over my shoulders."I wanna cum, Michael. Suck my clit," she was begging, and all indications were that I had brought Angela as far as I could and it was again time for her to cum. After relishing all the delicious juices in her pussy, I probed my tongue into the small area between her love hole and her clit, causing Angela’s pussy to fuck even harder into my face, almost lifting her ass off the pillow as she rammed up at me. Carefully, I engulfed her clit in my mouth, using my lips as a seal and started sucking gently. With my tongue, I gently pushed her clit hood out of the way and started caressing her adorable love button. "Yes! Yes! Like that," Angela cried out joyfully as her actions, thrashing on the bed and fucking her pussy into my face became even more frantic. My lips and tongue continued pleasuring her for several highly enjoyable minutes until Angela cried out incoherently and I knew she was about to cum. Her thighs clamped down on the sides of my head while her hips continued swiveling. I tried following her pitching and rolling but it was a hell of a ride! Angela continued fucking her pussy into my face, seeming to be trying to wrap herself around me, while her hands on the back of my head held me in place. Both of us wanted her clit to stay in my mouth and we both wanted my tongue to continue to caress the little nub. My arms around her thighs kept us pleasurably locked together as her ass bounced up and down on the bed and her hips swiveled and rocked from side to side. After several moments of rocking and bucking and pitching, Angela came hard, suddenly arching her back and jamming her pussy into my face with an extra hard thrust. "OHHHFUUUCCCKKK!!" she screamed as she came. She stayed arched high, her thighs trembling as she strained, her body locked into position but her muscles protesting the unusual position. She wanted to roll to one side, but to do that would break my mouth's seal on her and I didn't want that, so I held her in position even as I continued toying with her screaming clit. Angela's orgasm lasted for only a few delicious moments, although to her I'm sure it seemed like an eternity. After her orgasm, Angela relaxed completely, her head leaning back, smiling and eyes closed, on her pillow. Her thighs released my head, leaving Angela’s legs draped loosely over my shoulders and her arms sprawled at her sides. After she was finished cumming, I licked the delightful juices from her crotch, pussy lips and thighs. When I was done licking up her juices, I moved out from under her legs, moved up next to her and kissed her, allowing her to taste herself in my mouth. I lay down next to Angela while I was waiting for her to recover and get ready for the next round. Angela was still lying on the bed, legs spread and eyes closed as I got up to wash my face. When I came back into the room, however, she opened her eyes, saw my cock, stiff and ready, and smiled. "I hope you’re as good with your cock as you are with your mouth, Michael," she told me and held out her arms invitingly. Hoping to prove that I was, I held my cock with one hand and opened her pussy lips with the fingers of the other. Angela sighed happily when I first penetrated her. As wet as she was from my fingering her then eating her pussy, I slid in easily although slowly so she could feel every inch of me. Finally I was fully embedded in her delightfully wet pussy, and Angela’s sighs became coos of pleasure with my cock all the way inside her. With my cock buried completely inside her, I leaned forward and slipped my arms under hers, and she responded by wrapping them around my neck. We kissed, long and gently as I slowly drew my cock back until only the tip was inside her pussy and continued kissing while I thrust it, equally slowly, all the way back in. Angela pulled her mouth away from mine and moaned in pleasure."That feels great, Michael. I've been wanting you to fuck me like this since we first met." I felt the same way and mentally kicked myself for not taking advantage of this sweet offering sooner. But I was preparing to be gone for a month, although if I'd known I had such a wondrous creature wanting me, I may have sent someone else to St. Louis in my place! I drew my cock back for another stroke and when I thrust forward again, she fucked back to meet me. Spreading her legs even more and wrapping them around my hips, letting my cock penetrate her pussy a fraction of an inch deeper. "Yeah, like that," she said. "Now, Michael fuck me, nice and slow and deep, that's how I like it." Nice and slow and deep is what I wanted too, and we continued like that for a long time, both of us moaning from the pleasure we were receiving and enjoying equally the pleasure we were giving one another. Since all my weight was on my forearms, Angela could move around under me all she wanted. And she did just that. As she continued to fuck back, meeting the slow strokes of my cock and feeling it slide all the way into her pussy, Angela started swiveling her hips under me, letting my cock caress the entire interior of her love hole. Sighing and moaning and kissing, we continued with the new movement for hundreds of slow strokes, immensely pleasurable to both of us, until Angela decided to change again. From swiveling her hips she changed to rocking from side to side under me, still thrusting back to meet the strokes of my cock. With this new motion, my cock entered her pussy at a different angle with every thrust, still massaging her entire love hole. Both of us like to fuck slowly, avoiding too much contact between my cock and her clit, allowing us to build slowly toward our mutual climaxes but, although we wanted to delay, we couldn’t delay it forever. She was ready to cum and I was getting close too so Angela wanted to change positions. "I want to get on top," she said. "What?" I asked. "I want to get on top. I want to ride you," she said.So I got off of her and lay down on my back. Angela threw her leg over me and straddled my lap on her knees. She reached down between her legs and guided my cock to her opening. She eased down until she was sitting on my legs, my cock once again happily nestled in her warm tunnel. "Mmm..." she moaned and leaned forward, kissing me deeply. Then she sat up and began to bounce slowly up and down my pole, moving her hips in small circles as she felt me moving around inside her. The feeling was wonderful and I reached up to play with her tits as she moved around on my pole. "Ooo, yeah! Yeah, that feels good." she said. Angela began rolling her hips, a move that put maximum contact between my cock and her clit. With my cock rubbing across her clit like that it was bringing her perilously close to another orgasm. She bounced harder on my legs, driving my cock even deeper into her pussy. Faster and faster she bounced as she approached the edge of her abyss. I was moaning and gasping and she was almost sobbing with intense pleasure. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Angela interrupted her sobs. I knew from the way her legs were squeezing me and her fingernails were digging into my shoulders that she was cumming. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" she cried out and that is what I continued to do, as fast and as hard as I could, while her body rocked and bounced on me. "Yes! Yes! Now!" Angela cried out as she climaxed, ramming her pussy down on me while squeezing my hips and shoulders extra hard in one last spasm. As she skewered herself on me, I let go of my control too and shot a huge load of cum up into my beauty, even as she was cumming herself. She sank her fingernails into my shoulders as I watched her eyes roll back and her mouth drop open in a silent scream of utter rapture. I pumped my load deep into her belly and filled her to overflowing, the remaining mixture of our cum leaking down past my cock to the sheet below. She sat on my thighs shaking and spasming until finally her orgasm let go of her. She fell over to my side, totally exhausted. Tired but happy, I pulled her up to me and wrapped her in my arms, kissing her forehead and brushing the sweat-soaked hair from her face as she looked up dreamily at me. It was the best welcome home I could have asked for.

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